...when all you want to do is stay.



STAY - more than an idea,

more than just a technical performance.



It is a sleep system with its unique philosophy combining the best

of two worlds - enhanced ergonomics for supporting the whole body in combination

with complementary soft materials, creating more than emotionless combination

of layers - everything works as one.





Don’t ever underestimate the “heart”

of the mattress.


Ergonomic pocket springs are the most important component in your mattress.

This is why all STAY mattresses have 18cm high pocket springs arranged in

honeycomb pattern so that much more springs are supporting your body

and relieving pressure on the stress points.




Sewing for comfort


The surface of the mattress is decorated by tens of cotton fiber tassels, which are the

connectors of the mattress inner layers and casing. This ensures the elasticity and

dynamic feeling while sleeping. Combining latex and cotton layers with different

diameter pocket springs, we are able to offer three different density

mattresses to suit every sleepers wishes.





Stay Strong and be Calm while staying Home


All three densities of the mattress is varied by producing springs

from a larger or smaller diameter vanadium metal wire.


STAY Strong - firm mattress

STAY Calm - medium soft mattress

STAY Home - soft mattress