By combining experience, modern technologies,

skilled handwork and top-quality natural materials

we have created Heavens mattresses.




Ergonomics of the mattress is ensured

by a covering of pocket springs of 8 winds.


Each spring is placed in a separate compartment,

thereby distributing the load of the mattress evenly.

The springs are thickly covered with layers of natural wool.


The combinations of MINI and MICRO pocket springs provides

the user an airy and light feeling while sleeping. These small springs

serves as thousands of tiny air pads, which support the body and

provide a high level of ventilation, as well as gives a better

performance for main pocket spring block.


A key benefit of a pocket spring mattress is contouring the user's

unique body shape. Due to their individual coil construction, each pocket

spring within the mattress (there are approximately 10'000 springs in Heavens

king size mattress) is responding to the pressure applied to it when

the user lie on it. This results in the mattress conforming to the

unique body shape, while also providing spine with suffcient support.



For thousands of years, wool has been the natural way

to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious and tranquil night's rest.


Wool provides the perfect mix of strength and softness that gives powerful

feelings of safety, security and comfort. Wool is warm during the winter

and cool in the summer. It's fibers trap millions of microscopic pockets of air

that keeps us warm during the coldest of winter nights. In summer, wool's

natural temperature regulating properties take over to keep you cool,

giving unparalleled comfort.



The upper layer of the mattress is made of specially

designed fabric of natural fibres manufactured

in Belgium, exclusively for Heavens.


Heavens mattress stand as a proof that it is possible to create

an excellent mattress without glue and foam materials.