Boxspring bed is a convenient, tasty, practical and economical option for those looking for the best solution for a small room with a possibility to choose from different design elements.
Selecting a mattress
Choosing a boxspring bed as the best solution for your bedroom, the first and most important step is to choose the best suitable mattress for you.
Your chosen mattress must provide proper support for the whole body in order to allow you to relax fully.

Your chosen mattress can be ordered with decorative side fabric, matching the mattress fabric color to your interior.

The offered fabric pallet has a wide range of colors so that every customer can find the most appropriate finish.

Choosing a headboard

Once all the mattresses have been tested and you have found the one most suitable for you, the next step is to find the best design to the headboard of your new bed.

It is possible to choose from four different headboard shapes in various colors.

Wooden headboard with an expressive and modern design. Available in several natural veneer shades.
Wooden headboard of clean lines, straight angles and simple design. Available in various veneer finishes.
Elegant upholstered headboard. Special wear-resistant fabrics are available in different shades, allowing to match your new bed to any interior.
Upholstered headboard with clean, straight lines and elegantly rounded corners. Available in wide range of fabric and colors.

Roma - height 10 or 20 cm

Aura - height 20 cm

Lazy - height 20 cm

Rīga - height 20 cm

Choosing the legs

The final step in completing your new bed is the choice of wooden legs. The shape and style of the legs are most often matched to the chosen headboard design, but if the chosen headboard is upholstered, the tone of the legs is matched to the color of the particular room floor.

All offered legs are available in different colors of birch or oak wood.
Three steps, three weeks and your new bed is ready!
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