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“Heavens” has been around since 1998, when its operations began as bedroom furniture manufacturer. Initially the company produced solid wood bedroom furniture sets, but later also established ergonomic pocket-spring mattress factory in Latvia known as “Pils Matrači”.


Each new product development means a personal attitude towards the customer. Much attention is paid to both – the product design, which promotes a healthy lifestyle, as well as to high-quality selection materials – all to create the bedroom as a place where to rejuvenate your body and soul.


Each bedroom collection can be supplemented with suitable lightning and textiles, making your waking up and falling asleep as beautiful as sleeping itself. 


The mystery of my night


CEO of the company - Juris Griķis


“How did you sleep?” – That’s how I usually address people around me. Why? Because I am interested in it. When I receive an answer to my question such as “good!” or “bad…”, I also learn how this person doing in general.


When starting a conversation with a customer, I usually ask:
“How would you like to sleep – good or beautiful?”
After this question people are often confused and unable to give a concrete answer, because beauty allures, but good sleep seems like an irresistible offer.
“Why such question?” – they tend to ask.
“Because I want you to be happy! And your formula for happiness is quality sleep.”
Then the client says: “Let’s start with the most important part – the bed design.”
And then comes a confusion on my part:
“But you sleep on a mattress…why do you think that the bed design is the most important part?”
“Of course, I sleep on a mattress. Bed…mattress..what’s the difference?”


The difference is in the conceptual understanding of the essence of things. To sleep beautifully – this stands for a wooden or upholstered bed frame, with well thought through design and finishing solutions. Beautifully – that’s the style, selected materials and quality, which brings everyday joy to your family and friends and they are delighted by the graceful looks.


To sleep well – that stands for a comfortable mattress! Your mattress is the one and only ensuring your quality of sleep that lays the foundations for the start of each new day.


In the evening when all your relatives, friends and acquaintances have gone home, the lights are being turned off, the beauty meant for the eye despites and the bedtime story has come to an end, the mattress is the place where we each start our own nights mystery.
In the morning the alarm goes off and a new day begins, we see new faces but the question still remains:

And how did you sleep..?


Our team

"It's important to know everyone by name - that is the key to success. The higher the goal, the more important the team."

- Juris Griķis

Alvis Začs Head of Jelgava factory info@oak.lv
Elvīra Ungure Accountant info@oak.lv
Māris Saulītis Project manager maris.saulitis@heavens.lv
Agnese Nagle Designer agnese.nagle@heavens.lv
Dace Ķikute Logistics specialist info@oak.lv
Iveta Griķe Co-CEO info@oak.lv
Laura Lamberte Designer laura.lamberte@heavens.lv
Agris Kalnakārklis Technologist info@oak.lv
Tija Gertzone International sales manager sales@heavens.lv
Dzintars Vagelis Engineer info@oak.lv
Liene Griķe Set decorator info@oak.lv
Ansis Griķis Head of Photo studio info@oak.lv
Vita Zvaigzne Marketing vita.zvaigzne@heavens.lv
Aigars Rāzna Head of retail info@oak.lv
Guntis Pudāns Head of Apgulde factory info@oak.lv
Gita Kalniņa Logistics specialist info@oak.lv